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Ghost Coast Reflections

Ghost Coast Distillery, Savannah, Georgia. Source:

Great things happen when artists sit down together in the bars and cafes of the world.

After my very first class at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I walked across the street from Alexander Hall, the SCAD Painting building on the bank of the Savannah River, to Ghost Coast Distillery, a locale uniquely tapped into the spirit of the city (all puns intended). I was joined by two new friends, fellow artists Lily Morris and Jessica Glover, and we shared in a lively discussion of what it means to be a maker, and to be true to oneself. We vented past hangups and preoccupations that we were determined to leave at the door as we embarked upon our experience as graduate students, and reveled in the joy of being surrounded by like-minded creatives and having the freedom to create. There is nothing more invigorating or contagious than sharing a conversation with deeply passionate souls, and nothing more liberating than the knowledge that the key to happiness is to simply live genuinely, without fear of what's behind or what's ahead. As Jessica reflected, quoting words she once read, "You have no purpose. You are as free as the birds in the sky."

In this section of my blog, as an extension of my practice, I hope to share encounters such as these that inspire me in everyday life. The haunting beauty of Savannah, and the vibrantly alive humans that wander its streets, will continue to inform me as I float on the wing.

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