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Studio Playlist: 23 Songs

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

As I've been using this blog to catalog my references and inspirations (an annotated gallery of selected images can be viewed here), I thought it might also be interesting to create a list of favorite songs that inspire me, whether I'm out and about or in the studio. Like the images, these songs offer a bit more insight into my process.

Special thanks to fellow SCAD MFA Jared Seff for the song recommendations Dies Irae, Dies Illa and Oh Death, which also inspired this post. :)

I'm Not Afraid to Die

Gillian Welch

Everything is Free

Gillian Welch


Cigarettes After Sex

Willow Tree March

The Paper Kites

The Paper Kites


On the Brightside

Never Shout Never


Amos Lee

Oh Death

Ralph Stanley

Last Leaf


Dream of Flying

Brian Crain

Dancing in the Moonlight

King Harvest

I'll Rust With You

Steam Powered Giraffe

Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare

Matt and Kim

Heart's a Mess



Jeff Buckley

Leopold Street

The Paper Kites

The Heart of Life

John Mayer


The Paper Kites

In My Life

The Beatles

Just Like Heaven

Katie Melua


Steam Powered Giraffe

La Vie en Rose

Edith Piaf

The Wonderful Unknown

Ingrid Micaelson

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